Friday, December 26, 2008

Fly-By: 12/26/08

Phantoms leaving Philadelphia Area for Sure (DelCo Times)
Why not have them play at the Wachovia Center, too? The Staples Center fits in three winter sports teams and concerts, why can't the Wachovia Center? Even just for a year until the team can be moved to Hershey.

After the comeback from 5-1 down against Carolina, why not crash a frat party? Though it's a little more understandable since this party was actually at a bar in Center City. Not like they caravaned out to the Villanova campus or anything.
Riley Cote Still Bruised From Brashear Beatdown (The 700 Level)
I still love Brashear. He's making way too much money now in D.C., but he's still awesome. Brash's website is a mess, and totally worth your time.

Luca Sbisa's Family Arrives, Heavy Sleep Ensues (Philadelphia Inquirer)
The jokes about how the tree grew from two to four inches are just way too easy.

Briere to Travel With Flyers on Road Trip (
He says it's to be ready to come back from injury at any time, but we all know he just wants to go to Disneyland.

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