Sunday, February 22, 2009

Flyers Make the Best Carnies

Today is the 32nd annual Flyers Wives Fight For Lives Carnival, which I'm sure won't be talked about a lot in the blogosphere, but let me just say that it's fucking awesome. My parents took me like five times, and it was so cool. I got to "score a goal" on Ron Hextall, then got a certificate saying I did, which still takes up a line on my resume. I won a enormous bear at some game that Kjell Samuelsson was stationed at, and I named the bear "Kjell," and I took it to school and then mocked my teacher for not being able to spell its name right.

And I got my picture taken with the Stanley Cup and Rick Tocchet. How sweet is that? Answer: Pretty sweet.

There's not really much point of going unless you're a kid or going with a kid, so by all means go kidnap some kid and head over to the Wach and have an awesome time. Just try to return that kid home before the Amber Alerts set in.

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