Sunday, February 22, 2009

Most Worstest Goal Ever For All Eternity

I like Marty Biron a lot. He's so damn chipper, was huge against most every game the Flyers won in the playoffs last year, and it's just so easy to get lost in those eyes. Seriously, have you ever seen anyone with eyes that color? He's clearly some sort of alien or reptile or something.

But the goal that Biron gave up with only a couple minutes left to squander a huge Flyers comeback against the Penguins really sucked. No goalie has any business ever being past the faceoff dots when any opposing player is within the FAR blue line, much less the near one. And just throwing the puck behind your back to avoid delay of game? Just skate around with it in your glove, press it up against a Penguin to emphasize that it's contested. Not hard to do.

Watching this video will almost certainly make you contemplate suicide, so unless that's something you're up for, you may just wanna scroll past it.

I'm not in the Philly area and only got the FSN Pittsburgh feed. Sweet fuck, those commentators are the most biased shits in the league. When Richards got tripped and fell he was "Greg Louganis." When Crosby didn't get tripped but fell anyway and drew a penalty it was "a great heads up play to get his team on the power what if it was a little embellishment, eh?" When Hartnell got a puck to the face and went down, they cackled and said "couldn't happen to a nicer guy."

I hope those assholes are planning on paying their mortgages with the money they get from calling Penguins playoff games, because I would love to personally repossess their homes, belongings, and children and give them to the Octomom.

Watch Marty and Richie sound remorseful as they sandwich a Lupul interview that is just completely off. No one has ever sounded so giggly saying "we hate losing."

Niitty clearly gets the start vs. Washington. From there, who knows.


kristin said...

I was at the game, and nearly cried because this play was so damn stupid.

And yes, those Pittsburgh announcers are the biggest homers in the history of homers. Un-listenable!

Jon said...

just take the stupid delay of game penalty... with out penalty kill, I'll take our chances rather than that jacked up goal.

Can't even begin to describe how asinine it is to have to listen to the Pittsburgh idiots... aren't the Flyers owned by COMCAST?!?!??

craptastic... I agree with you wholeheartedly

Skeeter said...

Two thoughts.

First Biron not only dropped the puck but lost his mind. There is no reason for him to be that far out of the net. Either take the penalty (which we are about as likely to score a shorthanded goal as they are to score a powerplay) or at the very least don't turn your back because he could have shot the puck back out. I know he isn't the best stick handler but come on.

Second thought, the Pens lost all of their respectability when the cut their Icon announcer (Mike Lang) out of the broadcasts. Their announcers comments about it couldn't have happened to a better guy is beyond anything that I have heard. I understand that announcers will have a certain degree of bias. I find it entertaining to some extent, but this stepped over the line. The Penguins management should be insulted with his poor quality of calling a game. This is an announcer that was overly joyed by an opponent on the other team. To top it off his ability to call the game couldn't be much worse.

I have the CenterIce Package and my largest complaint is the lack of Flyers coverage. Sure every game is on but it is never the Flyers announcers.

ibleedorange said...

Guys lets face it that was not just a bad play that was clearly a "in the third you go down" situation. He needs to go and the NHL should investigate him for gambling fruad. There is no way a pro caliber goalie would ever make that play under those circumstances - no way! Furthermore although capable of some impressive ability he is way too streaky and needs to move on.