Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Game #58 Preview: Flyers @ Capitals 2/24/08

This game is important, yeah, but by no means make or break for either. These are two good teams that can score and play defense. They both may have some goalie issues, but that's par for the course. Jeff Carter's flu symptoms, plus late breaking news that Kimmo Timonen is out with the flu hurts (seriously, do none of these guys get flu shots?), as does the location. The Caps are also plus a Fedorov they didn't have in previous meetings. But the last game these two teams played in DC in January was a nailbiter that went to a shootout, so this one should remain at least marginally close.

One of the pretty cool things about the standings right now is that there is absolutely no doubt who the four best teams in the east are. It's Boston, Washington, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. It would be a huge stunner really, even this far out, if any one of those teams didn't make the second round of the playoffs. The other eleven teams really aren't keeping up (maybe Florida), which I'm absolutely fine with. And arguably the weakest of the top four is Boston. It's gonna be a clusterfuck to the cup, just the way it should be.

Flyers games in DC are no longer in the sea of orange they used to be, but away fan support is still pretty stellar, and will be even more so because of yours truly honoring the Flyers with his presence tonight. They so lucky.

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