Monday, January 5, 2009

Fly-By: 1/4/09

The Flyers may be jetlagged, but the internet is always well caffeinated.
  • Richards Best Captain Ever? ( It starts off good, but then it gets ridiculous. I love Richie more than the next guy, but come on... It's about a decade too early to start thinking about putting him ahead of Clarke. Kudos to whoever at managed to not get their name on this one...
  • Corey Perry Suspended For Hit on Giroux (James Mirtle, He has to cough up $114,516.12, which is four games pay for him. The league should also suspend Crosby, while they're at it. Oh, and revoke Alex Semin's testes.
  • Flyers Officially Trying to Land Winter Classic at Penn State (Philadelphia Daily News) The Bruins hosting either the Rangers or Canadiens at Fenway seems to be the front runner for 2010 as far as I can tell, but wouldn't it be better to not do the two most iconic ballparks back to back? Spread 'em out a bit, I say. Here's hoping the Flyers' 2009 Stanley Cup win cements the Happy Valley bid.

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