Friday, January 2, 2009

Game #38 Preview: Flyers @ Ducks 1/2/09


Across the halfway mark of the six-game road trip, the Flyers venture to the city of Mickey Mouse and the Rally Monkey to play the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, Stanley Cup winners of just two seasons ago.
This is a big game if only for the reason that it represents the first chance the Flyboys have had all year to move into (a share of) first place in the Atlantic Division with a win. The Rangers are idle tonight, and two points would tie the Flyers with them at 49 points, with the Flyers having a game in hand. With first in the division comes the #3 seed, a historically good number for the Flyers since the non-divisional playoffs (see 1997 Finals, 2004 Conference Finals) (don't see 1998). So that would be a nice milestone if nothing else, and would really represent triumph over the Curse of Sarah Palin.
Why The Flyers Will Win:
  • The chance to get first in the Atlantic will add motivation for an inter-conference game that's just not there for Anaheim.
  • Ducks have lost four of five, their only win over the lowly St. Louis Blues.
  • The Ducks are the definition of mediocrity. Won half of their home games, lost half of their home games. They've won half of their road games, lost half of their road games. They've Scored 107 goals, let in 107 goals. In the old days we woulda assured a tie, but since I'm feeling optimistic these days, I'll say this ensures a Flyers win. Or at the very least overtime.
  • Last time the Flyers were in Anaheim, they scored five goals. In the first period.

Why The Ducks Will Win

  • The young Flyers, with their Center City barhopping habits and parties thrown by Joffrey Lupul, almost certainly got way more hammered on New Years Eve than did the Ducks. WAY more hammered.

That's all I can come up with in the Anaheim column. Which is a good thing.

Puck drops at 10 EST.

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