Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Game #43 Preview: Penguins @ Flyers 1/13/09


When it comes to Penguins-Flyers games, there's always a lot at stake. But for the Penguins, this game is even bigger. The Penguins are currently rocking out with their suck out, losing seven of their last eight and thirteen of their last eighteen (none of these were OT losses). And it wasn't just against good opponents, either. The Senators, Maple Leafs, Lightning, and Predators all got to feel good about themselves by beating the flightless birds.
Therrien's firing seems overdue, and therefore his job security may hinge on this one game. A win, and Therrien will surely be given many a public vote of confidence. A close loss, and he probably gets another stay of execution. A blowout loss, and the team bus will drop him off in North Philly and speed away.
As much as they need to delude themselves into thinking so before the game, there is nowhere near as much at stake for the boys in orange in this game.
With that in mind, let's break it down...
Why The Flyers Will Win:
  • The Penguins couldn't beat a drum at this point.
  • The Flyers always play up against the Penguins, who are clearly the team they like least. Playing up against a team that's playing so down pretty much guarantees victory.
  • The Flyers are currently ELEVEN points ahead of Pittsburgh in the standings.
  • Desperate teams play desperate hockey, so it's really unlikely that the Penguins will have the composure this rivalry mandates. Look for lots of penalties, especially to Malkin and Crosby. Wouldn't be surprised to see a real nasty cheapshot from somebody, too.
  • Flyers have won 14 straight at home. Penguins haven't won on the road since last year.

I could go on, really, but I have to stop myself.

Why The Penguins Will Win:

  • They have to stop sucking eventually, right?

7:00 start at the Wach. If you don't get the game on TV for whatever reason, you can pick up a free feed over at atdhe.net .

Prediction: Flyers score five in the win. Crystal ball is foggy as to whether or not Scott Hartnell scores one or two, but it's definitely not zero.

And just for fun, a reminder of the last time the Penguins waddled into Philadelphia.


Eric said...

I can't think of any other game this year I was more excited for. Slightly worried it could turn out to be a trap game - Flyers have been soaring high, and the Penguins have been in the shitter for awhile now. Of course you know they are targeting this as a big game to get back a little mojo against a big time cross state rival.

That being said, nobody on this team will sleep on the Pens. Struggles aside, they have a lot of talent, and if you can't get up for the idea of whooping Penguin ass in the Wach, you ain't a fucking Flyer. So I think they'll come out shooting. And besides, if they were gonna come roaring out of a slump, it would have been against someone like the 'Bolts.

Anonymous said...


Penguins = just slicked over the flyers.
They had to stop sucking, yes, and well, I suppose they did it with a bit of flair this time... at the flyers home, ending their pretty home-win streak.

Fun game.
Slick victory.