Saturday, January 3, 2009


Almost as much fun as seeing the team you love win is seeing the team you hate lose. And lose. And lose some more. And lose some more badly, to crappy teams, no less.

That's exactly what the Pittsburgh Penguins have been up to. Today's 6-1 beatdown at home vs. the Florida Panthers was a thing of beauty, and moved the Penguins down into ninth place, out of playoff position. Sidney Crosby jumped a guy and got nineteen minutes of penalties for it (an offense that would get anyone else a suspension). Fleury got pulled for Sabourin, then Sabourin got pulled for Fleury.
Rumors are swirling around the firing of Michel "I'm embarrassed by my French name, so call me Mike" Therrien, and trade rumors are swirling around Jordan Staal, who seems to me to be the player they would least want to lose.
Crosby has been called out for being a crappy captain, Malkin has been horrible, and fans are booing their pathetic efforts.

The Igloo is burning, Flyers Fans, so gather 'round. Grab a stick, Flyers fans, and shove a few marshmallows on it. This is pretty sweet.


K-Mart said...

Did you read my post about Crosby's crotch shots against Atlanta? He's out of control. He needs to be suspended.

K-Mart said...

“I asked him to go, and he said yes. And usually, yes means yes,” said Crosby, who fought Boston’s Andrew Ference last season. “I mean, I wouldn’t have wasted 20 minutes in the box for that. I guess he didn’t take me serious. I don’t know, it wasn’t worth 20 minutes, though, that’s for sure.”