Saturday, March 7, 2009

Damaged Goods

Remember that one part of the Flyers trade deadline day that seemed okay? The swap that restored some faith in the team's prospects? That couldn't possibly last.

Kyle McLaren failed a physical and was sent back to the Sharks, undoing the trade. Because of the two transactions that went down on Wednesday, THIS was the one that needed to be reversed...

San Jose's attempt to con the Flyers worked only temporarily, which now gives the team doctors more time to force Daniel Briere into action, even though he's probably on the verge of having his leg amputated.

The Flyers med staff is always good for that. I fully expect a statement sometime today saying something along the lines of:
Daniel Briere has been cleared to return to play tonight vs. Nashville. While Daniel was initially alarmed by the internal bleeding near his groin, team doctors have assured him that said bleeding is merely the result of menstruation.
Nodl is getting the nod tonight to take Briere's place. Completely forgot he existed, but he never bugged me too much, which is all I can really ask for at this point.

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