Monday, March 23, 2009

Game #72 Preview: Devils @ Flyers 3/23/09


Back to back games against the two biggest divisional rivals on national television? What's not to love?

Why the Flyers Will Win:
  • Momentum. The Flyers and Devils both played good teams whose colors are black-and-gold yesterday afternoon. The Flyers won, largely because their black-and-gold team showed up in blue. The Devils, on the other hand, looked pretty bad against Boston, Brodeur especially.
  • The Devils have pretty little to play for these days. They'll finish in second. The Flyers are also locked into fourth, but since the Flyboys have something to prove against the Devils and the Devils don't have much to prove against the Flyers,
  • Daniel Briere is playing real well right now. Hell, everybody except Daniel Carcillo is playing real well right now.
  • Martin Brodeur will probably still be blinded by tears from the alimony beating he took recently.

Why the Devils Will Win:

  • The Devils haven't back to back games since Obama has been president. Yeesh.
  • Back in December, the Flyers played the Penguins and Devils back to back. They had a big win over Pittsburgh, then seemed absurdly content to get an OT loss vs. the Devils. If they're that complacent again, there could be issues.

Prediction: Flyers 3-1. Do it to it.

Puck drops at 7 on Versus.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry- Is Marty Brodeur under the "Why The Flyers Will WIN" heading?!

Salmon said...

Whoops, forgot to finish that sentence. I was going to refer to all the money he now owes his ex-wife/sister-in-law.