Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy as a Claude

Normally when you google an athlete, most all the pictures have them trying to look all stoic or tough, game faces on. Not Claude Giroux. Claude knows that the best way to make your opponent shake in his skates is to show off a big toothy grin. Or toothless, as the case may be for many an NHLer.

The Flyers should be smiling as they take the ice in Boston tonight. Claude is back from a bizarre loan to the Phantoms, Timonen is back from being the 26th Flyer this season out this season with the flu, For the first time this season they'll have all their big names in the lineup at once. No more excuses. The names on the ice tonight will be the names on the cup in June.

Except for the whole trade deadline distraction and the goalie controversy deals...

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