Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pack Up That Crib, Scottie

Scottie Upshall (and a second round pick) was the only Flyers castoff today on deadline day, going in a trade no one saw coming to Phoenix for Daniel Carcillo (WTF?).
This trade sucks on so many levels. Everybody liked Upshall. He was a quick pest with a great shot, who was huge in the playoffs last year and a great energy guy. He was on an exciting new line with Giroux and Briere that looked great. There was nothing wrong with him (note how he got ZERO votes on our scientific poll of who the Flyers need to get rid of).
Carcillo, if we're lucky, is a Steve Downie 2.0. On paper, he's absolutely the last thing the Flyers need. A guy with only three goals and seven assists in 54 games. Not to mention the league leading 174 penalty minutes, which the Flyers were apparently after in an attempt to be short handed the entire game as opposed to just half of it. For those of you keeping score at home, he's got four fewer goals than Upshall, seven fewer assists, and way more penalty minutes.
Did the Flyers need another fighter? We already have one too many, dressing both Asham and Cote regularly. I know we have a reputation to protect, but dressing three enforcers is just absurd.
AND we gave up a second round pick for this chump. You know who once came to the Flyers via a second round draft pick? BOBBY CLARKE.

Scottie now has to move to Phoenix (big downgrade) to play for the Coyotes, who are pretty much out of playoff contention. Plus he's gotta pack up and move out of this sweet crib.

Hope you come back to Philly during your free agency this summer, Scottie. You'll be missed.

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