Sunday, March 8, 2009

Game #64 Review: Predators 1 @ Flyers 4 3/7/09



Didn't see this one coming.

  • The bounce back from that flameout Thursday was pretty unbelievable. A very commanding win over a team on a six-game win streak is exactly what the doctor ordered.
  • Martin Biron was at his lights out best. Flashy as hell, with absurdly overly dramatic glove saves and that absolutely nuts goal line stop that leads off the above recap vid. He let in a soft goal, sure, but the swagger was great to see. Asked why he made so many big saves, Marty replied "I just want to be on TV." Martin was in the SportsCenter Top Ten for his save on Jokinen vs. Calgary on Thursday, and is clearly already addicted to the fame. I've said it before and I'll say it again, but it looks like the goalie controversy has subsided for the time being. Sorry Niitty, but Montreal and Calgary were both real shitty efforts.
  • Easily Joffrey Lupul's best game of the year, as he becomes the sixth Flyer to hit 20 goals on the year. And he gets the hat? More on that later, as the FF's crack research team is hard at work pursuing all leads hat related. We're on to something big here.
  • Poor Riley Cote clearly feels his usefulness diminishing to nothing. Daniel Carcillo arrives Thursday, and Riley feels threatened so he fights on Thursday. Carcillo drops the gloves tonight, and Riley feels threatened so he has to have an even bigger fight the very next shift. Carcillo got a point tonight too, which has to stick in Riles' craw all the more. Honestly, Riley can't possibly get any ice time in the playoffs, so it should be only a matter of time before Holmgren lets him get comfortable with the Phantoms.
  • Flyers gained a game on the Devils tonight to boot. Because they lost to the Islanders. They lost by four. They lost to the ISLANDERS by FOUR. Sit back and enjoy this.

Huge set of games coming up. Sabres on Versus, Capitals, Rangers, Rangers on NBC, Red Wings on Versus, Sabres, Penguins, Devils on Versus, and Panthers, all in the next eighteen days. Should be fairly awesome stuff.

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