Sunday, March 1, 2009

Game #61 Preview: Flyers @ Devils 3/1/09


As trade winds swirl and blow most every Flyer's name around, a "big" game in Jersey looms. Truth be told, the Flyers are pretty much a lock to finish in fourth, so no games in the regular season matter. Fourth is good, and would mean home ice for the first time since the lockout. Kind of a pathetic thought...

Still gonna watch the game though, so might as well talk about it.

      Why The Flyers Will Win:

      • Daniel Briere makes his triumphant return!
      • Briere's BFF Marty Biron has a big opening here, a chance to clinch the starting spot on the heel's of Niittymaki's disaster vs. Montreal. He does well when the games matter.
      • Scott Clemmensen's ghost has got to be haunting the Devils. He got screwed faster than a girl scout who came to sell cookies at R. Kelly's house.
      • If Martin Brodeur plays, he'll be tired AND obese. If Kevin Weekes plays, he'll be not very good, because he's Kevin Weekes. Advantage Flyers.

      Why the Devils Will Win:

      • Daniel Briere makes his triumphant return! Odds are he gets reinjured and KO'ed for the season by the end of the first period. Morale killer.
      • Claude Giroux went to the Phantoms while Jared Ross stays? Huh? Put Giroux on defense for all I care, he's gotta stay in the lineup. And Guenin? Seriously? Keep Kukkonen up, even if he sucks and can't get picked up on waivers to save his life.
      Odds are this is somebody's last game in a Flyers jersey. Whether it is Randy Jones, Joffrey Lupul, Braydon Coburn, or Scottie Upshall is yet to be determined. Hell, it might even be Briere's. Can't say I hate any of them or love Keri Lehtonen or Jay Bouwmeester, so I'm not too pumped for the rest of this week.

      Prediction: 3-2 Devils. In OT if we're lucky. This pre-deadline stretch is a big ol' pile of fuck it.

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      Eric said...

      Brodeur will start today and hopefully the guys will light his fat ass up. I'd rather get our cracks at Marty now, but if Weekes plays, I'll take the easy black goalie 2 points.

      The roster mismanagement has been somewhat surprising. I generally put my faith in Holmgren, but if he trades Coburn AND Lupul for Bouwmeesteer I'll flip. And if he trades anything more than a sack of pucks for Kari Fucking Lehtenon (sp?) I'll go on a murderous rampage.