Monday, March 2, 2009

Leht vs. Lil'

I have absolutely no idea why there are even rumors about the Flyers wanting Kari Lehtonen. I don't see how he's at all better than Biron OR Niittymaki. He's not leading Atlanta to any promised land, he has no playoff experience, and a save percentage and GAA that are way worse than the league average. It would be a total Sean Burke situation, and we all know how well that worked out...twice.

Lil' Jon, on the other hand, already has won a pretty sweet cup, and his crunkness would fit in well with the Flyers' penchant for frat parties and Joffrey Lupul's penchant for getting girls on VH1 rehab shows drunk. LJ would also not take up much cap space, and would almost certainly not develop any Lehtonen-esque chronic back issues, as crunk juice is proven to keep muscles and joints limber.
Conclusion: WHAT? to Lehtonen, YEAH! to Lil' Jon.
Make it happen, Holmgren.

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