Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Great Moments In Scottie Upshall History

It's a good thing this blog already is cloaked in black, because we're going to be in mourning over the death departure of Scottie Upshall for a while.

Scottie Upshall had an absolutely phenomenal last game for the Flyers, but he really showed his chops as a Flyer in the playoffs last year, scoring three pretty huge goals. And here they are.

Huge momentum shifting goal in Game 7 vs. Washington

Huge deflating goal in Game 3 vs. Montreal

Huge series clinching goal in Game 5 vs. Montreal

Not only can he score, but the dude also likes cheesesteaks. And we hear the Phoenix cheesesteak scene ain't so hot.

And lastly, who can forget when he commentated on Sergei Brylin's whining with "what a fucking pussy."

Sigh, good times.

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