Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Luck of the Flyerish

Saint Patrick's Day is only a week away, boys and girls, and yours truly will be there in person as a lucky charm for the Flyers, especially the little leprechaun that is Daniel Briere. But while I'm at Joe Louis Arena gorging myself on $1 pretzels and celebrating my Irishness with a dozen or so $3 beers (between 6 and 7 pm), there are plenty of things you can buy to make your Flyers Saint Patrick's Day experience just as special.

The good folks over at the NHL want to make sure you take advantage of this booming economy and spend your money on Flyers apparel that can only be used on this one day of the year. And as an incredible as a four-leaf clover, the NHL Store's Saint Patrick's Day Section offers more items for the Flyers than they do for any other team in the league except the Penguins, for whom there are also a whopping FIFTEEN items available for next Tuesday.

So no longer should you be torn between your compulsions to wear green and wear Flyers stuff on game night. You can spend up to $454 dollars on the collection of Saint Patrick's Day Flyers gear, and that's assuming you're cheap and only buy one of each item.

Here are some of my personal favorites:

Old Time Hockey 2009 St. Patrick's Day Philadelphia Flyers Dalkey Hooded Sweatshirt -- $39.99

Because nothing says Flyers like an angry leprechaun head. Also makes a great gift for your favorite illiterate Notre Dame fan. The "F" can also pass for several other letters, which is great if you're also an Alyers or Jlyers fan.

Old Time Hockey 2009 St. Patrick's Day Women's Philadelphia Flyers Caitlin T-shirt -- $19.99

For your girlfriend, Caitlin, who is a big Flyers fan. She loves it when guys stare at her boobs try to read the small writing across her shirt. As seen above, the shirt comes already crooked, which is great because Caitlin has MASSIVE scoliosis.

Inglasco Limited Edition Philadelphia Flyers St. Patrick's Day Puck - Shop.NHL.com Exclusive! -- $12.99 $9.99

I can't believe they reduced the price on this baby! A Flyers St. Patrick's Day puck??? Think of all the things you could do with that! You could look at it, and then put it down somewhere! And then maybe look at again, and put it somewhere again! It's a limited edition, so you gotta hurry folks.

Happy Shopping!

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Mark said...

LOL @ "MASSIVE scoliosis".