Thursday, March 12, 2009

Game #65 Preview: Capitals @ Flyers 3/12/09


With a win tonight, the Flyers will have taken seven of the possible eight points in the season series vs. the Caps. That's as close to perfect as you can get without, you know, being perfect. But we'll take it.

Why The Flyers Will Win:
  • Last time the Caps were in town, the Flyers won by six, so that's a reasonable spread for tonight. The memories of that wonderful Saturday in December are a lot of fun, please enjoy below

  • The Caps still have an enormous mental block when it comes to the Caps. The Flyers have proved to be their kryptonite, and it clearly bugs the crap out of them from the top down, starting with Bruce Boudreau.
  • The Flyers are scoring at will lately, which comes in handy against a team with less than spectacular goaltending. Lupul, Richards, Carter, Knuble, Gagne, Hartnell, even Giroux or Briere. None of them would be a shock to score more than once tonight.
  • Martin Biron has been great of late and was quite the Cap-killer in the playoffs. Should be good tonight as well.
  • They won last night, but the Caps absolute got the crap beat out of them last night. Twice.

Why the Caps Will Win:

  • This game also certainly means more to the Caps. They've been struggling mightily of late, and the Flyers are their biggest rival.
  • Daniel Briere comes back tonight. Which almost certainly means he'll re-break himself. Which could hurt morale.

Prediction: Flyers win 5-3. Should be a good time.


JP said...

The Caps still have an enormous mental block when it comes to the Caps.

And you still have an enormous mental block when it comes to blogging. ;)

Oh, and this game doesn't mean more to the Caps - they're locked into #2 or #3. Your guys are the ones fighting for positioning.

Salmon said...

The Flyers are locked into #4, whereas the Caps just lost #2... No fighting for positioning is going to happen for the Flyers, especially with all the games in hand.

Anonymous said...

hey salmon- you have given up trying to win your division? ye of lil faith. i believe that is what JP was referring to.

Salmon said...

Haven't given up completely but I'd be surprised. We'd need a lot of help from NJ to catch them, and they've been so solid of late. Home ice for the first round is plenty to keep me happy.