Thursday, March 5, 2009

Game #63 Preview: Flames @ Flyers 3/5/09


The Calgary Flames are a real nice team to watch. They're tough and orangey, easily the Flyers of the West. They've got a stud goalie in Kiprusoff, and a stud star in Iginla. They're physical and scrappy, and easily my second favorite team in the league (though obviously way out of first place).

Why The Flyers Will Win:

  • The Flyers are coming off their best game of the season on Tuesday, and no reason that momentum doesn't hold.
  • I'm not sure who gets the start for the Flyers tonight goaliewise, but if it's Niittymaki that's great because he's been so good lately, and if it's Biron that's great since he has something to prove.
  • The Flames are exactly the kind of team Briere should do well against. Look for him to have a big night.
  • Remember all the excitement about how healthy the Flyers were for the Boston game? They're still just as healthy.

Why The Flames Will Win:

  • Morale in the Flyers locker room has to be weird right now, with the departure of Upshall. Carcillo is said to be a popular guy in Phoenix, but a lot of the Flyers probably miss their boy.
  • With the departure of #9, the Flyers now have only two players on their roster with single digit numbers, Coburn (#5) and Jones (#6). Not sure what that means, but I'm guessing it's not good.

No prediction, can't really get a good feel for this game. Could be real good, could be real bad. Meh.

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