Sunday, April 19, 2009

ECQF Game 3: Penguins 3 @ Flyers 6 - Penguins Lead Series 2-1




And we have a series.
  • All that orange is a beautiful thing. From the T-shirts (which the Penguins were too cheap to give out this year) to the Kate Smith, it's easily the best playoff atmosphere in any sport. And I say that as a completely impartial observer.
  • It definitely got pretty scary there in the early second, with the Penguins erasing a two-goal cushion in like twenty-five seconds of playing time. Sure the Flyers had the lead for 53 minutes of this game and never trailed, but those seven minutes weren't fun. The Frenchies got together and decided that not having the lead was no good, and decided that they (Martin Biron, Claude Giroux, Simon Gagne, and Daniel Briere) should start playing really well. And it was a beautiful thing to see.
  • Claude Giroux is such a great human being. Not only did he get a real pretty goal, a prettier assist, and the prettiest fight (that he only got roughing for), he also has managed to grow a playoff beard that is almost as orange as his jersey. It's a great look.
  • The main thing to take home from tonight's game is that I really know what I'm talking about. I've been saying all series long that the key is whether or not Marc-Andre Fleury plays well, and tonight was another shining example of that. Fleury stunk up the joint wire to wire, with a save percentage around 82%. And the Flyers won. Game 4 will largely balance on how he bounces back.
  • As much as dumping on Daniel Carcillo is the pasttime here, I gotta say he had a pretty decent game today. He was one of only four Flyer forwards who didn't spend any time in the box, and didn't do anything too boneheaded. I still think Luca Sbisa contributes more, but it worked out alright today.
  • The only thing I noticed Sidney Crosby do all game was get face washed by Darroll Powe, who by the way is having one hell of a series.
  • Congrats to Jared Ross on choosing a pretty good occasion to score his first NHL goal.
Tuesday is now the hugest night of everyone's life. Git 'er tied, boys.


argyle said...

Definitely exciting to see them take control and capatlize on opportunities. Carcillo didn't hurt us, but I refuse to give him credit for not being an impediment to progress. I did notice he was in the general vicinity of the crease on a goal, I suppose that's some minor victory. He coughed up two turnovers early near the defensive blue line. He's got to settle down. Also, can he actual aim his shots or is there some sort of rule he is required to follow that allows him to shoot at the opposing goalies abdomen? I did not like the opening line selection.

This game helped reinvigorate my belief that the Flyers are the better team (regardless of my support for them). The Penguins' teamwork broke down and I'm wondering if that isn't something key in beating them in the series. Perhaps a divide and conquer mentality.

The Flyers have definitely stepped up the hitting (legally) and are playing more physical and in a much smarter way the past two games. If the Flyers can pull off the next victory, this may become a battle of attrition and taking the upper hand in the physical battle may prove critical.

Bylsma said its a sprint to 4, Stevens a best of 7, both prior to game 1. We may see those conflicting ideologies directly compete in this one.

B+ on the win.

Nick said...

I'll tell ya what. As a Flyers fan Living in Pittsburgh it was great to see this game.

Still, and I know it is a Philadelphia pastime....Why do the refs do everything in their power to help the Pens. The weak holding call in game 2 against Staal which ultimately, I feel took the momentum and the game, but today 2 slashing calls and an interference call which were at best penalties in the Olympics. I mean Neither slash was legitimate and the interference was because a Penguin took at run at a Flyer. Even the Penguin fans I watched the game with agreed NONE of those 3 were penalties.

jd said...

"If the Flyers can pull off the next victory, this may become a battle of attrition"

excellent point, emphasis on the attrition given all 4 lines scored last night.

just have to find a way to stop malkin. as much as we don't like him, the guy is an incredible talent and helt pitt in the game until the third.

as for carcillo-i also noted his awful turnover in the first, as well as a few other minor infractions. however, i think his overall play was GREATLY improved, and moving him to the fourth line was a great move by stevens. weird to see he stayed out of the box all night.

otherwise, i am superfreakingexcited with the potential of the briere-giroux-powe line. so much speed and talent.

the_Froin said...

Powe is like the 1970 version of jim dowd! Tuesday will be the most epic of epicness every epic'ed. I cannot wait.