Friday, April 10, 2009

Game #80 Review: Flyers 1 @ Rangers 2 4/9/09


Eh, we'll get em on Sunday.
  • What a horrible way to start a hockey game. Biron gets shoved into the net, and there's no whistle, and the Rangers take the lead in the first minute. The Flyers played pretty well (though they're not finishing their chances well), and deserved better than to have the game marred by that crap.
  • This is the second time that I've blamed the officials for a loss, which is pretty low. The only other time I blamed the refs? The last game at Madison Square Garden against the Rangers. Hmm...
  • Daniel Carcillo is certainly persona non grata in these parts, but he was alright tonight. Scoring just one goal will cure a lot. Not that I'll stop dumping on him, but at least this unimpressive stat will go away: Carcillo has scored zero goals in eighteen games as a Flyer. But in his one game against the Flyers this year as a Coyote, he managed to score a goal. Not cool. Oh, and Scottie Upshall managed to score again tonight...
  • Martin Biron looked good--neither goal was his fault, and he didn't get rattled from that BS first goal.
  • Hurricanes lost for the first time in forever, which keeps the Flyers tenuous hold on fourth in tact. Pittsburgh won, though, so there are now three teams tied at 96 points. The Flyers have two games left to Carolina and Pittsburgh's one apiece, but as of now have the fewest wins of the three, which is the tiebreaker.
Only two more games left in the entire regular season, at Islanders on Saturday and vs. the Rangers on Sunday. Saturday is a potential trap game, and would be incredibly easy to overlook, with the Rangers and a little thing called the playoffs on the horizon.

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jd said...

bettman got the assist on the rangers' first goal.

carcillo, defensively, has greatly improved in the last few games. this is good.

last night, he was in position with an open net twice. lunquist robbed him. the thing is, he put both those shots where they needed to be. while it's nice to see him coming along, i would love to have him score at least once these next few games.

still, part of me screamed at the tv last night, "upshall would have buried that".