Thursday, April 16, 2009

They're Trying to Take My Carcillo Away!

The NHL will hold a hearing with Philadelphia Flyers forward Daniel Carcillo at 3 p.m. ET Thursday to discuss an incident that took place during the Flyers' Game 1 loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins, 4-1, Wednesday night.

The NHL spoke with all coaches and general managers prior to the start of the playoffs informing them there would be no "message sending" during the latter stages of games. Carcillo got involved with the Penguins' Max Talbot near the end of the game.

The Flyers acquired Carcillo, 24, at the trade deadline in exchange for Scottie Upshall and a 2011 second round draft pick. He scored 3 goals and 11 assists in 74 games this season, picking up 254 penalty minutes.


Prayers answered (albeit late). Here's hoping they ban him and reverse the Upshall trade...


jd said...

why does this league like killing the aspects of the game that just make it so much better?

Michael said...

@jd - no idea how sending a message makes the league 'so much better'.

Carcillo's play is undisciplined and unskilled. His attempts to 'send messages' are almost exclusively through conduct that is outside the regulations of the game, penalized conduct. He isn't stepping up his play on stars and laying down a big legal hit. Lets face it, his lack of skill is evident and he is a drag on this team.

The Penguins manhandle the Flyers. Its a shame too many of us are focused on the Flyers being tough guys to realize the negative impact some of this stupidity has on our game.

I'm not certain what specific incident they are referring to, but the only message successfully made by Carcillo in his tenure as a Flyer has been his uselessness to this team. When your team is being humiliated in almost every aspect of the game, maybe its your team that should be getting the message. It might be more useful if he took a run at some of the Flyers defensemen last night, clearly they needed a message.

30 seconds of fisticuffs sends no message. Play aggressive, play physical, play hard. Some bogus attempt at providing a fleeting value to his game wouldn't help the team or Carcillo. They were beaten by so much more than momentum and unless they are seriously going to evaluate their game, they will be home early, regardless of how many faces he pounds in.

Wouldn't it make the last three games great though?

jd said...

my response was directed to the cracking down on fighting, and not directed at carcillo.

but yes, you are right-dropping the gloves with 30 seconds left accomplishes nothing.

am not the biggest carcillo fan. while i understand why we had to get rid of upshall, i still think we could have made a better deal.

Michael said...

Understood. I don't truly see efforts to rid the league of fighting completely. That seems more an erroneous view of the argument used by those defending the right to allow fighting as it currently exists.

I love fighting in hockey, but I love it organically. A bulk of Richards' or Hartnell's fights develop from the emotion in the game. They are skilled, aggressive players willing to throw down the gloves. Lucic is another great example.

What I would like to be rid of are Cote, Orr, and players of that class. The guys who play very few minutes per game and typically only fight other enforcers. Those that often fight what appear to be staged fights, immediately off a face off.

Anyway, topic for another post I suppose, no need for me to hijack the comments further.

Salmon said...

No by all means, hijack away.

And I too don't see the point of guys like Laraque, Cote, and Orr who can't skate and probably don't know what a puck is. Just glad that Cote's not here for the playoffs.

Carcillo is really quickly approaching this territory. He's been getting some chances, yeah, but I am decidedly less than happy to ever see him on the ice.

demimyke said...

I'm not surprised (or really disappointed) by the suspension, i'd rather have Sbisa on the 4th line anyways, and seeing as Uncle Gary was in the stands for the game, there was no getting away with it.

What bothers me, is you have the league handing down (with great speed) this punishment on Carcillo and the Flyers, then that very nyte a brawl breaks out in Boston, in a game that was clearly iced by the open net goal, and today you have Sr. Vice Pres Collin Campbell telling the NHL Live guys that too much is being made of it, and these guys are trying to just fill this air tyme.

He even went on to accuse them of not talking about the game. Then breaks down HIS reason for Carcillo call and gets very defensive about not doing anything to the Habs.

Its all very double standard, but not surprising in the least.