Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Stupidest Thing I've Heard So Far Today

"Alexander Ovechkin [is] probably going to be the Conn Smythe trophy winner when this thing is over." -Mike Milbury on NBC
That's right, Mike Milbury is predicting the MVP of the playoffs before they start. He's not sure if the Caps will make it out of the first round, but he is sure that Ovechkin will be the MVP. Ovechkin could win, sure, but saying that it is "probable" before the Caps win a series (which the Caps haven't done since 1998) is pretty indefensible. Saying anything about the Conn Smythe before the finals is unconscionably dumb.

The only thing Mike Milbury ever did was drive the Islanders into the ground as GM, so why he's ever been paid to be an "expert" is beyond me. Unless, of course, the hiring director at NBC is a grateful Rangers fan.


Anonymous said...

But surely, the stupidest thing you've seen was the Flyers completely screwing themselves over in the play-offs.

Anonymous said...

Milbury is a tool. I turn it/mute it every time he's on.

- Caps fan

Anonymous said...

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