Thursday, April 9, 2009

Game #80 Preview: Flyers @ Rangers 4/9/09


The Flyers are in, but still can finish anywhere between third and sixth, with home ice or without it, against Carolina, Pittsburgh, or even New Jersey. So these last three games against the New York teams are big.

Why the Flyers Will Win:
  • The Flyers are much better than the Rangers. That oughta count for something.
  • Next to the Penguins, it's pretty safe to say that the Rangers are this team's least liked opponent. The Flyers would undoubtedly love to keep the Rangerss out.
Why the Rangers Will Win:
  • David Sloane, who has never before played a game at ANY professional level, will be starting tonight for the Flyers in place of the injured Ryan Parent. I'm not sure why it's not Luca Sbisa making his triumphant return, but it's probably a cap issue. Work it out, Holmgren. Jared Ross, John Kalinski, and Luca Sbisa are all much better than Danny Syvret, Andreas Nodl, and whoever this Sloane clown is.
  • This could be the Rangers' last home game 'til October, potentially. That could be some motivation for them.
Prediction: Rangers win 3-1. No idea why.

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