Wednesday, April 15, 2009


As is always the onus for the higher seed in any playoff series, the Flyers need to get a split in Pittsburgh. Whether they want to win Game 1 or Game 2 doesn't matter, as long as they get one of them. In the playoffs last year, every higher seed that got a split (or better) in their first two games on the road went on to win the series (except one, Calgary who lost in seven). Underdogs went six for seven in series where they got the split, and zero for eight in series where they didn't come away with a split. It's that simple.

The Flyers followed that formula beautifully. They managed splits in both Washington and Montreal, and won both those series. They couldn't split in Pittsburgh, and lost the series.

So the Flyers need to win one of these two. Tonight would be nice. Game 2 on Friday would be nice. Both would be nicer. But please, Flyers, get at least one. Or else this Salmon will be a very sad fish.

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