Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Scoreboards Make Me Fired Up

Ever since I've been going to Flyers games (which is approximately since I was five days old), or any other sports event for that matter, I always loved scoreboards. A big part of it is doubtlessly my fascination with anything shiny with a lot of flashing lights,

Next to ones showing a win for whoever I like, my favorite scoreboard is the one before the game starts. 0-0, all the time remaining. No matter how lopsided the match up is, everybody goes into every game tied (except those weird combined score soccer back-to-back two-game series, and the final day of Jeopardy tournaments). 0-0 makes everybody nervous. 0-0 means anything can happen. 0-0 means nobody might ever score, ever, for like 29 overtimes. You never can tell.

Shit I'm good. I should write Nike commercials.

And it's with that spirit of tabula rasa in mind that I introduce The Flyer Frequent's newest feature, a scoreboard that will keep track of the score in games of the Flyers-Penguins series, as well as the Flyers-Capitals, Flyers-Bruins, and Flyers-Blackhawks series when they roll around. It'll be on the sidebar, replacing that breathtakingly stable Daniel Carcillo goal count meter. It'll be updated pretty irregularly, so you may want to find a back up news source, just in case.

So for now, here's what we got.

0-0, baby. Gotta love it.


Abbi said...

Or better yet, you should write Gatorade- Oops, I mean "G"- commercials.

But what if the Penguins take a 3-0 series lead? Then I'll have to avoid your blog, for the sake of not having it shoved down my throat modem than it already will be by my Pens fan friends. Yes I have them. I'm sorry.

Abbi said...

'Modem' is supposed to be "more". I'm on my iPhone that automatically changes words and messes everything up. Damn Apple.