Friday, April 24, 2009

ECQF Game 5: Flyers 3 @ Penguins 0 - Penguins Lead Series 3-2




That's more like it.
  • It was an odd, unfamiliar feeling having bounces go the Flyers' way.
  • As those of you who read The FF frequently should know, I have ALWAYS been an ardent defender of Daniel Carcillo, who has proved me right by being one of the Flyers' best these past two games. He got assists on the first two goals to finish a game best +2. Added to his goal in Game 4, he's picked it up nicely after that suspension.
  • One person I actually have been advocating for is Arron Asham, who again showed off some offensive chops with a laser of a shot to open the scoring, a goal that stood up to be the game winner.
  • That first goal held up because Martin Biron did what he needed to do. He didn't really even look his best, but nothing got past him (except Evgeni Malkin's kick-in). Tough to complain too much about a shut out.
  • Every Flyer forward except for two have scored. Those two? Joffrey Lupul and Danny Briere. Not to say their not earning they're pay (they aren't), I'm just thinking a little pride should kick in when Jared Ross is out-tallying you...
  • I realize he scored tonight, but Mike Knuble hasn't been much better than his two aforementioned goalless teammates. Hopefully that late goal gets him back on track.
  • I guess it makes sense to keep trying, so good on 'em, but anyone else think it was a little odd that Bylsma pulled Marc-Andre Fleury with just over a minute left, down by three? Can't say I've seen that before.
  • The Pittsburgh fans were quiet the whole game, and deserted their team halfway through the third. The Igloo didn't look more than half full with five minutes left, which is pretty disgraceful for a playoff game, no matter the score.
The action now shifts back to The Wach for Game 6, on Saturday at 3 PM on NBC and CBC. The Penguins haven't outplayed the Flyers since Game 1. That was more than a week ago.

Good things can and will happen.

Let's go Flyers.

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argyle said...

Asham's goal seemed to really spark something in the bench. It should have particularly struck home with Lupul, Briere, Carter, and the others underperforming offensively. I believe it was while the Pens top line was out as well.

I would encourage Lupul to take some notes from Danny B. and rack up some penalty minutes so he gets some mention in the box scores though.

I think the win was particularly important, because it was the contributions of the less accomplished that won that game. It was a decisive win even without contributions from the most prolific offensive players. Given that, these aren't guys that are easy to shut down 5, 6, or 7 games.

If the Flyers go down at home, I'll be disappointed to be sure, but I'm proud of the effort they've put in from game 2 on.

Yes, even you Carcillo.