Friday, April 3, 2009

Just to Twist the Knife a Little More...

See that guy scoring that clutch game winning goal? Yep, that's Scottie Upshall. Remember him?

It was Scottie's sixth goal with the Coyotes in fifteen games with them. That's a goal every three games.

And Daniel Carcillo, who we gave up Scottie and a second round draft pick for? Well, since he joined the Flyers, he's averaging less than a goal every three games. To be more specific, he's averaging zero goals every fourteen games. The Flyers have gone a less than spectacular 7-7 since Carcillo's arrival, going 8-3-1 in the twelve games before he showed up.

"But Salmon, Carcillo is such a good fighter! And he leads the league in penalty minutes! And he fights!"

In case you haven't figured this part out yet, fights don't win hockey games. The way a team wins a hockey game is by outscoring the other team. A key part of that word, "outscoring," is "scoring." A key part of that word isn't "leading the league in penalty minutes."



Anonymous said...

Of course, Scottie wasn't scoring when he was a Flyer. You forgot to mention that part.

So far, all I'm seeing is that Upshall is a much better Coyote than he was a Flyer.

Anonymous said...

Upshall wasn't scoring with the Flyers because he wasn't given ice time or PP opportunities or a regular shift on a decent line.

He's getting all of those things in Phoenix and that's why he's producing.

The Upshall trade was just plain terrible GM'ing, period.