Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Reason to Like All But One Penguin More

You know how Penguins fans say crap like "you're just jealous, you would love Sidney Crosby if he was on your team." We all know that's a load of crap. For one thing, Flyers fans aren't the type to love everybody on their own team (looking at you, Carcillo).

Thus I was happy to hear that the Penguins have just as little respect for Captain Crosby as we do.

Center Sidney Crosby was "Juice Boy" after practice Tuesday at Mellon Arena, delivering post-session cups of a sports energy drink to teammates for failing to best interim coach Dan Bylsma in the final round of an individual shootout competition. Crosby jokingly suggested the fix was in.

"That's not true," Bylsma said, smiling. "I did not take any money or give any money. I question Sid (insinuating) that, being that he's Juice Boy." (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, h/t Puck Daddy)

Disrespect is a beautiful thing.

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jd said...

you don't like chico? i'd take him any day over cote.

it always kills me that pitt fans as a whole always use the "jealousy" comeback to crosby insults. nothing could be further from the truth.